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Auto Europe offers so much more than rental cars.  In addition to giving what is normally the best deal available on European rental cars, this long-established, consumer-friendly travel powerhouse also offers the online booking of worldwide cruises, worldwide flights, European rail tickets and rail passes, and cell phone sales. 

And don't miss Auto Europe's "Resources" section for information on European travel and driving, the international driving permit, the purchase of foreign currency, and a terrific European travel map which clearly shows the driving times between major cities throughout Western and Eastern Europe -- in fact, everywhere from Ireland and the U. K. to Iceland to Moscow to Istanbul to Greece to Portugal!. 

If you need info on worldwide cruise availability and quotations, just click on any other tab first, and then the following screen will display a "Cruises" tab.  This section contains a wealth of useful data as well as last-cabin availability on many, many fine cruise lines..

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