Consider the advantages of Mobal World Phone, which has no monthly or annual fees and no minimum usage requirements. 

That's right!  Mobal World Phone has absolutely no additional charges or hidden extras.  The phone works in over 140 countries, and you can keep the same number every time you travel.

Below is summary information about the Mobal World Phone.  For complete details and to place your order online, simply click on this link: (A new window will open.)

OPTION ONE:  USD 49 for Mobal World Phone + Mobal SIM Card
* Works in over 160 countries (but not in the U. S.)
* Size:  4 inches x 1.9 inches x 0.9 inches
* Weight:  2.8 ounces
* Free travel adaptor

OPTION TWO:  USD 99 for Mobal World Phone + Mobal SIM Card
* Works in over 170 countries (including the U. S.)
* Size 4.1 inches x 1.7 inches x 0.8 inches
* Weight:  3.0 ounces
* Free travel adaptor

OPTION THREE:  Use the Mobal service in your current GSM phone
Get all the benefits of the Mobal GSM World Phone service on your existing GSM cell phone with the FREE Mobal World SIM.  (A USD 10 shipping charge applies for delivery in the U. S.)

Here is what some leading news and travel publications have had to say about Mobal World Phone:

TIME MAGAZINE - 23 August 2004:
Longer Distance
Cell phones can be fussy travelers.  Most U. S. models don't work abroad.  And while it's getting easier to rent cell phones -- many foreign airports have rental counters where you can pick up a phone when you arrive and drop it off when you leave -- the fees can get steep.

"If you travel internationally more than seven days a year, it might be worth buying a Mobal GSM World Phone.  The phone costs just USD 49 when purchased online, and it can be used in 140 foreign countries as far flung as Sweden, New Zealand and Afghanistan.  Calls are charged per minute, rates depending on where you are and what country you're calling; but there are no monthly fees or usage minimums."

20 Tips
"I've saved a lot of money buying a GSM system cell phone that works in 140 other countries.  Mobal Communications sells the Mobal GSM World Phone with a battery and an international travel charger for USD 49.  There's no monthly fee."

TALK IS CHEAP - September 2004:
"Next time you travel, keep up while keeping phone charges down.  Mobal's GSM World Phone costs only USD 49 and works in over 140 countries with no minimums, fees or service charges.  You pay only for calls you make.  The Mobal GSM World Phone comes highly recommended by seasoned travelers.  

MSNBC TRAVEL - 27 October 2004:
Savings Sleuth

"Mobal Communications is now offering its Mobal World Phone for just USD 49.  Once you pay this flat fee, the handset is yours to use again and again when traveling overseas.  Your phone will work in 140 countries, but here's the best part:  there's no contract or cancellation fee -- you pay per usage (i.e. by the minute), and rates are actually pretty reasonable.  This means every time you travel abroad, you charge your phone, use it when you need, and then you'll get a bill in the mail.

"Considering that hotels around the world are notorious for gouging guests with exorbitant rates for international calls, we think that Mobal is the most cost-effective way to stay in touch with friends, family and co-workers in the U. S. while traveling abroad."

For complete details and to place your order online, simply click on this link: (A new window will open.)