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The links below lead to pages on the website of the Egyptian State Information Service.  These pages contain very useful information about sightseeing in each city/place.  However, the pages are VERY slow to load.  We encourage you to access them.  But perhaps you'd like to go have a donut and a cup of coffee while each page loads.  (Just kidding.  The pages aren't quite THAT slow!)   :)

Alexandria:  Sights to See
Aswan:  Sights to See
Cairo:  Sights to See
Dahab:  Sights to See
Luxor:  Sights to See
Hurghada:  Sights to See
Oases in the Western Desert:  Sights to See
St. Catherine:  Sights to See
Sharm El Sheikh:  Sights to See
Taba:  Sights to See


Below is a Cairo metro map.  Stage one of line three, shown in green on this map, is not scheduled to open until 2011; and this line will not reach Cairo Airport until 2022.

Cairo metro map

16 February 2007